Last of the Mohican Trip! (03 and 04 Ladies Team Bonding)

Last of the Mohican Trip! (03 and 04 Ladies Team Bonding)

What do you do on a Saturday with no soccer practice, league play, or tournaments? Go Canoeing of course at Mohican Adventures!

Huge shoutout to all who were able to attend and this will be on the agenda for next year. The 03 & 04 girls teams and their families had a great turnout! There was a total of 29 people and 12 canoes! These young ladies had fun adventuring down the Mohican River and laughing through the challenges of steering, tipping, getting trapped in trees, stuck on rocks, losing an oar or two, dodging relaxing rafters, and the dreaded super soakers.

The Golden Oar Award this year goes to Gabby Davis for swimming backwards in deep water to shimmy across a beaver dam to retrieve another teammate’s oar. #UPPER90Proud !!

After the cook out, the girls got to do team bonding through fun games and activities. Although, not sure who enjoyed the water balloons more, the parents or the kids!

CLICK HERE for more photos of the ‘Last of the Mohican Trip’.

Thanks for the great pics Stacie Kyle and booking and arranging this Missy Cannon and Eric Nuske.

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At UPPER 90 FC we look for youth with a passion for the game, players with the inner drive to reach for their goals, and players with exceptional character and sportsmanship both on and off the soccer field.”  With these projects we are working to develop the “off the soccer field” aspect of our youth.