UPPER 90 FC Registration Process

Steps to Complete:
NOTE: The UPPER 90 Futbol Club Forms Registration process is now 100% online.
Click here to access step-by-step guides for registering online and how to update player documents.
  1. Email your acceptance to the invite to join the UPPER 90 FC Family by the date listed in your welcome email to info@upper90futbolclub.com. Be sure to include your top three jersey number choices in order of preference.
    1. NOTE: Do not order your uniforms till you receive your jersey number from the club registrar. In your acceptance email back to us, please include your top three jersey number choices in order of preference.  We will do our best to accommodate you.  Once jersey numbers are assigned, we will email you confirmation.

  2. Make your financial deposit of $100 (per player) by the date listed in your welcome email (this amount will be subtracted from your Yearly Fees)
    1. Go to: deposit.upper90futbolclub.com
    2. Use your TeamSnap account you created to register for tryouts to login
    3. Until your deposit is made, you will not be rostered onto a team

  3. Complete your online registration paperwork.
    1. Go to: register.upper90futbolclub.com
    2. You will be required to create an online account, complete/sign online forms and waivers, upload a copy of your players birth certificate and upload a player profile headshot/picture.
    3. This must be completed by the date listed in your welcome email in order to be carded for league play and tournaments.
    4. Question or concerns, please reach out to registrar@upper90futbolclub.com
    5. Process can take up to 20 min to complete all required forms and uploads
      1. You will need the following information to complete the process
        1. Electronic copy of the players Birth Certificate too upload
        2. Electronic picture of the players headshot to upload.
        3. Insurance Card and Medical information

Questions on the process please email: registrar@upper90futbolclub.com

Mail to:
7520 Guilford Road
Seville, OH 44273

UPPER 90 Futbol Club
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