Friday Night Training at CDSI

Friday Night Foot Skills Training with Coach T

Winter is a great time to take it to the NEXT Level.
Set your goals and come join us on Friday nights so we can help you reach them. 

Foot Skills Training – Looking for some extra touches and training from the UPPER 90 FC coaching staff.  Here is your opportunity.  We are offering you 60 minute sessions of intense specialized training and individual attention. Designed to maximize the progression of each player during these sessions. The program focuses on attention to the details. This program is for both UPPER 90 FC Club members and NON club members.


Per 1-hour training session.  Pay the coaches cash or check prior to your training session.

Birth Year 2010 – 2007:
$10 per 1-hour session for both UPPER 90 FC Club Players & NON UPPER 90 FC Club Players

Birth Year 2006 – 2000:
$20 per 1-hour session for UPPER 90 FC Club Players
$25 per 1-hour session for NON UPPER 90 FC Club Players

We Currently don’t have any Friday night sessions scheduled at this time.

Speed Training

Starting speed, Acceleration from 5, 10 and over 15 yards, Speed endurance, Speed with a ball, Foot speed and agility, Ability to change direction, Quick execution, Mobility on and off the ball

Strength Training

Core strength, Balance and Coordination, Upper Body, Lower Body, Strength In Conditioning


Foot skills, dribbling, ball control, receiving/trapping the ball, passing, one touch passing, touches, touches, and more touches


Taking players on 1v1 with fakes and feints, attacking and defending the soccer ball


Speed of play, changing your point of attack, applying pressure


How to maximize your speed and agility, increase endurance